Goat Breeding Project

The Mbaruk Goat Breeding Station Project's aim is to provide a service to the local community to cross-breed their goats with the project's Toggenburg goats, producing animals with a greater resilience to local diseases as well as a much higher milk yield; an approach that has been used successfully elsewhere in Kenya. This is potentially a lucrative and exciting venture for Mbaruk and one that can model sustainable and ethical farming at a local and international level.

NECT raised money to build the goat house and purchase two Toggenburg goats and during 2016 the goats arrived at the project. Some of the on-going challenges are growing sufficient feed when drought occurs and keeping the goats in good health.

NECT will continue to support the project so it can become self-sustaining.

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Kenya's Story in 100 Objects

This project is about engaging Kenya's youth, especially those in the diaspora in the UK, with the wealth of Kenya's cultural heritage. Specifically, it's about guiding a group of young women and men on a journey to reconnect with this extraordinary, yet sometimes neglected, heritage. During the project, many types of Kenyan objects will be looked at and studied because of their cultural significance and merit.

We'll question the objects

Who made them, What ideas promoted them, What were their functions socially, culturally and spiritually, What are they made of and Where are they now? What we now refer to as 'traditional art of Kenya' was often produced as part of everyday life, often fulfilling specific and practical functions. By examining these objects, we can gain an understanding and appreciation of the life of Kenya's different communities, as they were then and as they are now.

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NECT is a UK charity working in partnership with Mbaruk Field Studies Centre in Nakuru, Kenya, and works to promote agricultural practices which are supportive of the environment and sustainable food production. In the UK we work to encourage young people to engage with their environment and across cultures.

NECT supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.


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