Working with our partner - Mbaruk Field Studies Centre, Kenya

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The Mbaruk Goat Breeding Station Project's aim is to provide a service to the local community to cross-breed their goats with the project's Toggenburg goats, producing animals with a greater resilience to local diseases as well as a much higher milk yield; an approach that has been used successfully elsewhere in Kenya. This is potentially a lucrative and exciting venture for Mbaruk and one that can model sustainable and ethical farming at a local and international level.

NECT raised money to build the goat house and purchase two Toggenburg goats and during 2016 the goats arrived at the project. Some of the on-going challenges are growing sufficient feed when drought occurs and keeping the goats in good health. 

NECT will continue to support the project so it can become self-sustaining. 

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 Photo: Y Wyatt. Aug17