An interview with top fundraiser Jyoti on her visit to mbaruk in July 2012. Jyoti completed a sponsored swim in June 2012 and raised a remarkable £270 for the goat breeding project.

Q. Why were you in Kenya in July?

A. To visit a family wedding and friends.

Q. Why did you want to visit Mbaruk?

A. The project seemed really interesting so wanted to see the site and meet the people who would be running the goat station.

Q. When did you travel to Mbaruk?

A. On the 12th July by car.

Q. Who did you travel to Mbaruk with?

A. My family - sister's brother's wife and sister's husband.

Q. Who did you meet in Mbaruk?

A. Walter, Maina and Maina's

Q. What were your impressions of Mbaruk?

A. I was fascinated by the view of the vast beautiful countryside surrounded by hills, green vegetation and of course the site where the goat station will be situated.

Q. What were your impressions of the proposed site of the goat breeding station?

A. It seems appropriate for the small scale projcet that you are proposing and as it is successful there is a lot of open land and area on which you will be able to expand.

Q. What was the highlight of your trip to Mbaruk?

A. Seeing Liz's and Nim's house. One room full of books.

Q. What was the highlight of your trip to Kenya?

A. My highlight was the very relaxing time in Mombasa where I spent a lot of time in the water and walking on the beach.

Q. Any other thoughts or comments?

A. I only imagined what the site would be like and now that I have seen it and I can actually visualise when I talk about it to other people.

Q. Any particular information you'd like NECT to know or be aware of in following through the plans for the goat breeding project?

A. I am quite ignorant about the breeding of goats. However Walter told me about similar successful projects in Kenya and I wish NECT every success in the project.