‘Kenya’s Story in 100 Objects’ seeks to engage Kenya’s youth, especially those in the diaspora, with the wealth of their cultural heritage. Specifically, it will guide a body of young men and women on a journey that will reconnect them with their extraordinary, yet largely neglected, patrimony.

During the course of the project, every different type of Kenyan object will be looked at and studied provided that it has cultural significance and merit. They will be investigated in relation to the people who produced them, the ideas that promote them, as well as their functions within their social, cultural and spiritual contexts.

What we now refer to as ‘traditional art of Kenya’ was more often than not produced as a part of everyday life, to fulfil quite specific, and often practical, functions. By examining these objects, therefore, we gain an understanding and appreciation of the life of Kenya’s different communities, as they were then and as they are now.